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Lemon Architecture & Design offers comprehensive renovations. The term of completion, as a rule, is from 2 to 6 months, depending on the area and complexity of the work performed. Before starting the repair, a detailed estimate is drawn up.

Ремонт под ключ в Киеве Ремонт под ключ в Киеве
List of works
Dismantling / assembly work
- Dismantling of walls, partitions, floors and ceilings
- Dismantling of windows and doors
- Dismantling of finishing coatings: plaster, paint, wallpaper, tiles, linoleum, laminate, parquet and so on
- Expansion of wall openings
- Dismantling of balconies
- Dismantling of communications
- Dismantling of plumbing
- Garbage removal and cleaning of premises
Electrical work
- Electrical wiring, socket outlets
- Automation
- Intercom and household appliances
- Electrical accessories
- Points, tubes, suspensions, chandeliers, sconces, tracks, led
- Magnetic tracks - Sensors
Electrical work
- Water supply and sewerage: filters and reducers
- System of protection against leaks
- Concealed and surface-mounted mixers
- Installation of ceramics and baths
- Installation of household appliances
Wall works
- Lighthouse and machine walls plaster
- Wall preparation for wallpaper and painting
- Wall decoration (Painting, Wallpaper, Photo wallpaper, Wood and chipboard panels, Wooden and MDF slats, Soft Fabric Panels, 3D gypsum panels, Decorative plaster, Vertical gardening)
Ceiling works
- Installation of drywall, production of all kinds of niches
- Stretch ceilings
Tiling works
- Tile
- Porcelain Tile
- Mosaic
- Marble
- Travertine
Работы с напольными покрытиями
- Floor roughing
- Natural flooring
-Artificial flooring
Related work
- Heating and ventilation systems
- Installation of air conditioners
- Installation of doors and skirting boards
- Installation of cornices and other fasteners and accessories
Manufacturing and installation
- Furniture of any complexity (kitchens, wardrobes, cabinets)
- Upholstered furniture of any complexity (sofas, armchairs, fabric panels)
- Sliding glass systems, showers
Purchase, delivery, lifting of rough / finishing materials and goods